Test drive: The 2018 Infiniti Q50


We took the 2018 Infiniti Q50 for a spin in and around Beirut, and here is what we loved about it!

RYMCO, Infiniti’s exclusive agent in Lebanon, offered BelleBeirut a test drive of the 2018 Infiniti Q50, the Japanese automakers’ enhanced sports sedan. The least I can say after this unique experience is that this amazing car was a delight to drive in the busy streets of Beirut and the tough mountain roads of Mount Lebanon.

As someone who drives a sports sedan on a daily basis, I was intrigued (to say the least) to compare my own car to the Infiniti Q50. The first difference I noticed was, without a doubt, the excellent engine response and overall performance for a car in this class. So I broke down what I loved about the Q50 into 3 main categories:

1- The technoglogy

Infiniti Q50 Interior

If you think today’s cars have impressive On-Board Computers (OBD), wait till you see what the Infiniti Q50’s driver cabin has to offer: and OBD with -not one- but TWO touch screens (yes, 2 screens). Thanks to Infiniti’s flagship InTouch system, car and driver are effortlessly synchronized. In fact, content and functions directed to the upper screen include the most frequently viewed applications, such as navigation, while other content is directed to the lower display screen for easy access.

The cabin itself resembles an airplane’s cockpit, with Infiniti’s hallmark ‘spinal support’ seats – carefully engineered to provide a consistent level of support and minimize pressure on lower and upper back muscles. Personally, I loved the signature gear knob and the overall look and feel of the Q50’s carefully designed and leather-stitched dashboard.

2- The design

Infiniti Q50 Design

Aside from the fact that any Infiniti is recognizable through the unique sound of its sporty engine (and the Q50 is no exception), this sports sedan has a very athletic look and design. The front of the car is hard to miss with Infiniti’s signature double arched grill and centered logo. I also loved the headlights design, which really complete the sleek proportions of the car.

The rear of the Q50 places more focus on the twin exhausts and rear diffuser while door mirrors are finished in the same high-gloss body paint, adding to the car’s confident look. The car is fitted with sporty aluminum allow wheels, which really do a great job in projecting a sporty look.

3- The performance

Infiniti Q50’s Engine

Performance is a word that rhymes with Infiniti, regardless of which model we are talking about, but especially when it comes to the Q50. The car really does deliver in terms of handling and speed (as per the local designated speed limits, of course) and truly does feel like a sports coupe, with all the spacious advantages a sedan has to offer.

What takes it up a notch is without any doubt the superb handling under any condition (you need to have decent and Infiniti recommended tires, obviously). In fact, the Q50’s 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine features Infiniti’s Rack Electronic Power Steering, for a linear and in-control driving experience. I could really feel the difference especially while driving on curvy and bumpy roads.

Infiniti Q50 on the road

Add to that, the Q50 is packed with some amazing and unique Drive Assist Technologies including Direct Adaptive Steering; Active Lane Control; Intelligent Cruise Control; Distance Control Assist; Backup Collision Intervention; Blind Spot Warning and Intervention; Lane Departure Warning and Prevention; Forward Emergency Braking; and Predictive Forward Collision Warning. (It truly feels like you are driving an airplane).

All in all, I would say the Infiniti Q50 is the perfect sports luxury sedan for a business man or woman who enjoys powerful rides and has a family.

To book your own test drive or to get a closer look at the car, visit Infiniti Lebanon’s website or drop by RYMCO’s branches in Chiyah or Dbayeh.

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