We test drove the Infiniti QX60, and here’s what we thought!


We took the Infiniti QX60 for a test drive in Beirut and the Shouf mountains, and here is what we loved!

RYMCO, Infiniti’s exclusive agent in Lebanon, had the courtesy of offering BelleBeirut a two-day test drive of the Infiniti QX60, the makers’ luxurious 7-seater. And what better way to test out this big beauty then in the busy streets of the capital and the gorgeous roads of the Shouf mountains?

As a (relatively) young father, I was psyched to try out this car – and eager to experience it with my small family. And there is one simple thing that proved how great of a ride it is: my wife and my 1-year old son’s reaction – they quickly fell asleep! (something that doesn’t happen very often due to the nature of our roads in Lebanon).

Aside from that, here is what I liked the most about the car:

The technology

Infiniti’s INTOUCH system.

Driving a 7-seater SUV in Lebanon can be a real hassle with the narrow streets and bumpy mountainous roads. But the QX60’s INTOUCH system is equipped with 4 cameras (Front, Left, Right, Back) and an advanced SONAR (Sensor) system which basically makes you feel that you are driving a small submarine.

The performance

The QX60 houses a 3.5 Liter V6 engine with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) allowing the car to adapt perfectly to any type of road, thanks to 3 modes: Economy, Snow and Sports. Granted, the fuel consumption isn’t the same as that of a regular car, but compared to other cars in the same category, it performs very well in terms of fuel efficiency.

The interior

Although the QX60 is of relatively the same dimensions as say the Nissan Pathfinder and other cars in this range, I was surprised with how comfortable the ride was and how spacious the interior is. In fact, we were able to install a car seat on the second row, and easily hop into the third row with enough storage in the trunk (which opens and closes electronically by the way).

So if you are looking for a luxurious 7-seater with a great performance on all types of roads, the QX60 has got to be your number 1 choice! Contact RYMCO for more information!
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