Adam and Leave: Learn how to master any relationship

"Adam and leave"

Want to be able to master any relationship in your life? Then you have to be at the Adam & Leave Seminar which will take place in Beirut!

The event, which is very rarely organized in Lebanon, is not just a simple seminar. It is a motivational coaching session aimed at providing attendees with the necessary insights to create the relationships they would love to have in their lives.

Sounds interesting?

Then you have to be there and experience the unique transformational process based on the latest based on the latest life and relationships coaching techniques.

"Adam and leave"
“Adam and leave”

Audience and Objectives:

• Singles and Couples (300 persons)
• To make a positive difference in relationships
• To get to the next level of what it is they are about achieving much faster than they could do alone (e.g.: passion, communication, love)
• To add that Magic Spark into attendees relationships
• To have a better self and partner understanding of behaviors
• To Identify the right expectations and self Branding


• Self Image and Self Ideal
• Self Branding
• Identifying and molding your Four Personal Ps
• Walking the Talk
• The “No Rules” Rule
• Expectations… the main reason for disappointment
• Relationship, Partner, and Self needs
• Getting rid of the Drama Triangle
• Identifying the Parent, Child, and Adult in you

• Title: Adam & LEAVE
• Date: March 13th 2014
• Time: 6:30 pm
• Place: Babel, Theatre – Hamra – Beirut