Aliza Jabes unveils her latest NUXE Body creation


When I launched the NUXE Body range, my objective was to create a skincare line for the body offering simple application techniques, convincing performace and dreamy textures.

To bring women even more pleasure, I decided to create a body water to extend the sensuality and finesse of the NUXE Body ritual by enveloping both body and mind in soothing fragrances, says Aliza Jabes.

And it’s mission accomplished : women have welcomed the pleasurable aspect of the range and responded enthusiastically to its subtle aromas of almond and orange blossom.

This is the inspiration for the NUXE Body Relaxing Fragrant Water, a serene experience that enchants the senses.

The secret of the appeal of the NUXE Body scent is a subtle harmony of fresh notes of coconut sorbet, blending into a floral bouquet of almond and orange blossom, before revealing sensual hints of musk and wild vanilla.

The scent of the new Relaxing Fragrant Water recreates this exquisitely fresh sensation of a spring morning, followed by a feeling of relaxation, reminiscent of the soothing pleasure of childhood.
But not only! The Relaxing Fragrant Water adds the finishing touch to a body care routine and extends its addictive pleasure. It introduces a new approach to natural fragrancing. Its appeal lies in its carefully balances simplicity and subtle effect.

There’s no risk of applying too much: the scend will remain discreet and attractive, your skin will stay soft and silky.

To finish, the generous size of the beautiful lacquered glass bottle (100ml) allows you to spray and enjoy the Relaxing Fragrant Water at any time, for a sensual finishing touch.

NUXE Body Relaxing Fragrant Water will be available exclusively at BOOTS pharmacies in June 2016 at AED179.