Angel Schlesser, timeless beauty


The Angel Schlesser fashion collections feature a simple and minimalist style. The timeless modernity
of his garments conceals sophisticated pattern work, hidden beneath a studied simplicity, which
seeks to serve an urban and active woman who favors the comfort and elegance of the latest
fashion trend.

Schlesser designs with women in mind, with the intention of offering them a stylish wardrobe that
suits their needs and gives them confidence and beauty.

His concept is clear: feminine silhouettes mixed with masculine cuts, premium fabrics and an
excellent quality finish. The result is simple but sophisticated, refined in the details and with a
restrained sensuality that speaks of femininity and beauty.

Angel Schlesser’s creations showcase the beauty of each woman in a current and contemporary way.
Every detail, every cut, every drape of fabric is searching for an emotion, because Schlesser’s
creations pamper the women who wear them.

Today we introduce a new Angel Schlesser fragrance. A new eau de toilette which aims to define a
fascinating, extraordinary woman. A woman who exudes inner beauty and who seduces with the
grace of her presence. Someone with an aura. A woman capable of attracting attention, even
unintentionally, and who leaves a trail of mystery and light.

Its name is POUR ELLE…

ANGEL SCHLESSER POUR ELLE… is a story of seduction, a charming stranger who leaves an indelible