Ariel unveils its breakthrough innovation “Ariel PODs”


Ariel, the leading line of laundry detergents, unveiled its latest breakthrough innovation in fabric cleaning “Ariel PODs”, during a fashion show in Beirut featuring renowned Lebanese designer Antoine Al Kareh.

The event, which took place in Beirut Souks, was attended by some of the country’s most prominent and influential figures including fashion designers, stars, artists and socialites, as well as media. The special fashion show featured models staining the designers latest creations and having the dresses easily cleaned using Ariel PODs.

Fashion show
It was a magical fashion show!

Renowned Lebanese fashion designer Antoine Al Kareh who presented his latest dresses during the fashion show and gave a sneak peak of his Summer collection, said: “Fashion design is all about taking care of fabric, and after trying Ariel PODs on different fabrics I came to the conclusion that this product is the best and easiest solution to all laundry challenges faced by women when trying to preserve their garments’ color and material.”

Ariel PODs is the most technologically advanced 3 compartments POD in the world.

The invitees expressed how much they enjoyed the event and Ariel PODs technological advancement and innovation. Amongst which was the Lebanese TV presenter Hilda Khalife, who expressed her pleasure in taking part in this unique and grand event, highlighting that “Ariel PODs is a huge step towards the comfort of all Lebanese women, whether housewives or working females, and even men. With Ariel PODs laundry has never been easier; where all I have to do now is put one Ariel POD in the washing machine drum, throw on top the dirty laundry, and above all it provides me with the best cleaning.”

bye bye
The event was a success!

Jacqueline El-Boghdadi, Ariel’s External Relations Manager, stated during the event that “Ariel always provides women with the latest innovation in laundry, that helps give our consumers the comfort and fabric care they deserve. That’s why we developed Ariel PODs, the most technologically advanced laundry detergent, which provides 3x cleaning power through removing stains, cleaning, and brightening clothes. So simply Ariel PODs brings all the power and convenience that you expect together in one product which provides superior cleaning and superior comfort.”