Diab Frères and Benelli celebrate their 50th anniversary


On October 12, 2016, Diab Freres, the leading Lebanese company and dealer of hunting products, exclusive agents of Benelli, hosted a dinner party at Le Ciel, Hilton Habtoor Grand Hotel. Gathering its most loyal clients and friends, and in the presence of Mr. Andrea Luini, the Export Manager for Benelli, Diab Frères celebrated its dedication and commitment to excellence that has propelled it into the market leader.

During the ceremony, Dr. Nabil Diab, in the presence of the founding fathers of Diab Freres, Michel and Farid Diab, expressed the firms’ gratitude to its loyal customers, saying: “We are all here to celebrate our love for hunting, the oldest sport of mankind. We also celebrate 50 years of history based on integrity, consistency, loyalty and excellence”. After welcoming Mr. Luini, Dr. Diab added: “Looking ahead to the next 50 years; the same values, honest business practices and our strong market reputation will ensure the continuation of our legacy”.

Mr. Luini presented Benelli, the renowned international brand for firearms, developing extraordinary semi-automatic shotguns that use a simple inertia driven mechanism in place of conventional operated systems, a constantly growing company thanks to major investments in research and development. Over the years, innovative new products and advanced technology have consolidated Benelli’s prestige and spread its reputation among hunters and target shooters alike, aided by the company’s strategy of offering a range of semiautomatic shotguns that are recognized as the widest available today, culminating in the release of its latest shotgun, the Over and Under 828 U, this year.

The relation between Diab Frères and Benelli span over three consecutive decades on which a solid longstanding relationship has been founded on the dream of two brothers and their quest for excellence in a small and complicated market, but nonetheless with rewarding potential. 50 years of achievements are a testament that the next 50 years will be as successful, guaranteeing continued leadership in the market for the future.