dubizzle is now OLX


On the 15th of September 2015, OLX held a Press Conference at OMonot hotel, where they introduced and showcased their newly rebranded platform (desktop, mobile and app) from dubizzle to OLX. The rebrand took place on the 30th of August 2015.

The new app called ‘OLX Arabia’ is now available for download. At the same time, the web domain has been changed to www.olxliban.com and all traffic generated towards dubizzle.com has been directed www.olxliban.com.

OLX press conference at OMonot hotel in Beirut.
OLX press conference at OMonot hotel in Beirut.
said: “dubizzle is now OLX. This will not affect our product – the user experience, our services, our team, and our passion remains the same. We’ve only changed the name; everything else remains the same.”

Why the change? With the rebranding to OLX, dubizzle is now fully part of the world’s leading network of online classifieds sites. Since 2013 dubizzle has been part of the OLX family sharing the same values and was ready to introduce the world’s biggest classifieds brand to the Middle East.

10 Middle Eastern markets are now operating under the OLX brand name and are now truly part of a global network that reaches over 240 million monthly active users and generates over 17 billion page views per month. Already millions of people around the world have used OLX to sell their things within local communities in places like India, Brazil, Kenya, Poland, Indonesia and now the Middle East.

Abdallah Touqan, Senior PR and Communications Lead MENA at OLX with the media.
Abdallah Touqan, Senior PR and Communications Lead MENA at OLX with the media.

So what now? For the users, everything remains the same. Existing users’ account details and their ads remain the same. Users can log in using the same method as before and will find their ads. The user experience has not changed at all. There is no impact to the sellers and their items they have posted for sale. In summary, the product, team, and service all remain the same.

As for the dubizzle app users, they have already received a message informing them that ‘dubizzle is now OLX,’ inviting them to go to the app store for iOS and Google Play for Android to download the ‘OLX Arabia’ app for free.

“As with any re-branding exercise, the challenge is to communicate quickly and effectively the new OLX name to the market. That said, our users define our success. When they remember OLX before dubizzle, then we can say we’ve successfully communicated the new name. More importantly, success is defined as our current users continue using our platform and new users start selling their stuff around the house on OLX,” Touqan added.

Abdallah Touqan, Senior PR and Communications Lead MENA at OLX.
Abdallah Touqan, Senior PR and Communications Lead MENA at OLX.

To support the re-branding operation, OLX kicked off a heavy campaign using broadcast and online channels to communicate the change to its users in their local markets. ‘dubizzle is now OLX’ TV commercials and radio ads have started broadcasting on the local channels on Sunday 30th of August 2015.
“We will continue to spread the word about how fast and easy it is to buy and sell online, and we aim to create the best user experience for our users. That is our strategy and the business roadmap for OLX,” Touqan concluded.

OLX is the fast and easy way to sell stuff. It’s free. Whether using the ‘OLX Arabia’ native app or on the web using a mobile phone or any other device, the process is only a ‘click and post’ away.

• Within seconds, the user can list an item for sale using their phone.
• Within minutes, the user’s item will appear on OLX.
• Within hours, the user will hear from interested buyers.
• Within days, the user will meet up with buyers and trade their stuff for cash.
• Within weeks, the user will have simplified and improved their life.


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