Dunya: you just can’t get enough of its charm


One night will not be enough to dream in Dunya and live a unique experience that is engulfed with a special Oriental Charm.

Dunya’s visitor experiences a state of elevation to another world, as the velvety evenings transform the Oriental dancer’s dress into a carpet swaying to the tunes of authentic Tarab melodies and carry the visitor far away where tables overflow with exquisite delights.

Eager to let them witness this enchanting experience, Dunya invited a select group of journalists on the occasion of its opening in Sodeco – Beirut, to take part in an exceptional dinner where they relished savory dishes, served in an unprecedently elegant style, to the tunes of Oriental music.

Differentiating Dunya is its innovative and uniquely detailed décor: centered in the location is a water fountain delighting listeners with its babbling while descending lanterns resembling stars hanging from the ceiling, as the moonlight infiltrates the glass dome adding further Eastern magic to the place.

Dunya opens its doors to its distinct visitors to a world reincarnating the authenticity of the good old times and to privately experience the imagination, characterized by extraordinary work of art corresponding with visitors’ high taste.