Gaydamak jewelry launches into Middle-Eastern market


Parisian sisters Katia and Sonia Gaydamak formed Gaydamak in 2009. They joined forces to create a new, influential brand following a lifelong, boundless interest for jewellery design.

Gaydamak’s signature design is the hand bracelet which was born during a moment of revelation, when a chain caught itself around Katia’s palm. The design has since become iconic, worldwide. Animals, shapes from Eastern and Western art, abstract flowers and leaves decorate these unique creations, which bring new meaning to every gesture. Manufactured from the finest gold the pieces are adorned with precious stones including diamonds and rubies.

Gaydamak Bracelets.
Gaydamak Bracelets.
“We were looking to innovate with a statement piece of jewellery that had never been seen before, when we realised the hand is a forgotten part of a woman’s body”, said Sonia and Katia Gaydamak.

Heavily influenced by the anti-conformist elegance of their mother’s bespoke jewellery, they enjoy unearthing gems that they then transform into rings and bracelets. Their flagship collection, 1802, features a scalloped star design and reinterprets Napoleon’s Legion of Honor, reminiscing the passion their father holds for the Empire period. Their 2L line incorporates Art Deco influences, seen in the
geometric motif and contrasting gemstones.

The sisters studied gemology in New York and use the traditional techniques of highend jewellery making in their designs. Katia designs the pieces using a wide range of inspiration, whilst Sonia, educated between Paris and New York, dedicating her time to developing the brand. After spending their childhood between Moscow, London, New-York, Paris and Tel-Aviv, both sisters graduated from the prestigious
Gemological Institute of America. Between business and creation, the Gaydamak sisters transcend their expertise: they imagine and design pieces of jewellery in harmony with their sensibilities and tastes.

Since launching in 2009, Gaydamak has cemented stockists across the world include the UK, Russia, France, Italy and USA. Their expansion to the Middle East cements their presents within the jewellery industry. Gaydamak pieces have been worn by renowned celebrities and have received worldwide coverage in titles such as Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.

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