Gemayel Jewelry open a new store in Verdun


Gemayel Jewelry, the renowned jewelry design house known for its exquisite designs for over 40 years, has announced the opening of its new store in the beginning of the New Year at Dunes Verdun”.

Beirut, the vivid city of splendor, will host Gemayel Jewelry’s new state-of-the-art store in Dunes mall in Verdun.

Since its establishment, Gemayel Jewelry has never ceased to bring out its innovations and designs. Its elegance and sophistication have been reflected in the opening ceremony, through the lavish decoration that matches the cutting-edge designs of the brand, which carries a modern spirit to create a luxurious shopping environment.

“Gemayel Jewelry has a reputation worldwide, for creativity and quality. Our collections comprise the epitome of unique graphic style, ceaseless personality and timeless elegance. Every day is a perfect time to own the finest and most brilliant jewelry.” said Gemayel Jewelry representative. “Gemayel jewelry offers its unique collection that adds elegance to every woman’s style that will accompany her throughout all occasions.”

The designs are exceptionally appealing to women and men alike, as each piece is brilliantly designed to cater to all characters, with carefully selected diamond stones, not to mention the glamorous gold designs that convey warmth and luxury.

When a woman decides to enact a simple yet powerful influence through jewelry, or decides to mix and harmonize gilded or diamond shapes in an eye-catching way, Gemayel jewelry is the right choice for everything she needs.