Grand Hills Hotel celebrates Christmas by drawing a smile on SOS children’s faces


In an aim to share the holy season with the most unfortunate children, Grand Hills, a Luxury Collection Hotel & Spa, celebrated Christmas this year, in an exquisite event, on December 7, 2016, at its premises in Broumana, inviting SOS children to live the true meaning of Christmas and feel the joyful vibes of the season.

Understanding that Christmas is not only about gifts but a time for family reunions and love, Grand Hills, is keen this year to share these special moments with SOS children, giving them the feel of sharing at Christmas and a family to spend time with. Entertainment was also on the agenda of the event, where it filled the souls of the little ones with happiness and fun.

Before the kids’ show, all invitees gathered around the Christmas tree to light up the decoration of 2016 at Grand Hills, like every year. The kids were fascinated by the outstanding and refined decoration, whereas Christmas lights illuminated the faces of all invitees, on the sounds of Coralino choir, singing Christmas carols and spreading the joyful and warm vibes of the season. The event was wrapped up with a delicious Christmas dessert buffet, where cookies, prepared one week before the event by SOS children at Grand Hills, were offered and put for sale in the benefit of every kid dreaming of spending Christmas with a family.

For this occasion, The General Manager of Grand Hills, Giuseppe Ressa, pronounced a speech where he welcomed all attendees saying: “Like every year, Grand Hills engages in celebrating Christmas with children longing to feel the joyful emotions of the season. And this year, we chose SOS to give all orphans a family to celebrate Christmas with. We believe that this season is the most wonderful time of the year and we should give back to our community by spreading joy, happiness and love”.

Grand Hills gave orphans this year not only a family to share Christmas with, but also gathered donations to help SOS give its children the life they deserve. Like always, Grand Hills wraps up the year with a thoughtful event to remind the community that sharing is the essence of every business and a smile on an unfortunate face is the most satisfying reward to receive at Christmas.