Introducing Starbucks’ Holiday blend 2013


Starbucks Lebanon reintroduced for winter 2013 its beloved Holiday blend, a special coffee to mark the festive season, and we tasted it for you!

In Lebanon, winter rhymes with traffic, rush, rain, snow, cold and… the famous Starbucks Holiday blend. Smooth and spicy, warm and cosy, nothing compares to this traditional blend, a true masterpiece.

On December 4th, Starbucks invited top Lebanese bloggers to its branch in Kaslik for a tasting session. The coffee masters and the managers explained all there is to know about this special blend of coffee.

Delicious Starbucks coffee in the making.
Delicious Starbucks coffee in the making.

“The secret in this blend is rare aged Sumatran coffee”, said François Sadek, Starbucks Lebanon’s Operations manager. “There are different flavors immersed in this blend, you can taste by carefully slurping small amounts of coffee”, he added.

Spices, fruits, vegetables, nuts and basil were some of the ingredients nicely placed on the table for bloggers to smell while tasting the exquisite coffee.

“Sumatran coffee ages like wine, with time they develop rich and distinctive earthy and spicy flavors”, said Dany Bou Abdo, Starbucks Lebanon’s training manager.

#Didyouknow? Starbucks also has delivious food!
#Didyouknow? Starbucks also has delivious food!

According to Mr Bou Abdo, the blend is quite different from the traditional blend of Turkish coffee. “You have to taste it to know what I mean”, he added.

In fact, this unique blend is becoming more and more popular in Lebanon. “Some of our customers wait for the holidays just to taste it”, said Mr Sadek while adding that, since its inception in 1999, Starbucks has established itself in Lebanon as one of the Leading source of high quality coffee blends.

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