Lancaster’s 365 Cellular Elixir Intense: the pioneering serum in DNA repair


It has been an essential product for almost 10 years, combining high technology with glamour, to offer women the very best of Lancaster Research.

As the 10th anniversary of this product approaches, the brand celebrates its legendary serum, which offers a revolutionary and intensive solution with a technology that acts on repairing the main causes of cellular DNA damage.

Based on five patents, its formula, with a unique performance, is held in a cult bottle with sensual, feminine lines. It has succeeded, in just a few drops, in transforming our daily beauty rituals. With its inimitable fluid texture, subtle scent and amber color, 365 Cellular Elixir has infused anti-aging routines with both technology and a unique touch of glamour. Its revolutionary and unprecedented formula has made it a universal serum, which helps to repair the skin’s most precious asset: its DNA. Thanks to four complementary enzymes, which act in synergy, day and night, the technology at the heart of 365 stimulates the repair of DNA damaged by UV radiation, stress and pollution. More than anti-aging skincare, it is a complete beauty concentrate.


Absolutely avant-garde
When it first came out in 2003, 365 Cellular Elixir was one of the first skincare products to pave the way for serums. At the time, the fight against aging remained focused on wrinkles, with claims of spectacular results. Going against the trend, the Lancaster Laboratories introduced a new vision of skin youthfulness. But most importantly, they introduced a new type of product, with a texture that was light, invisible and easily absorbed. This incredibly fresh formula soon found its way into all skincare routines, all over the world. Layering was born! Immediately adopted by women, 365 Cellular Elixir became their faithful beauty companion and brought a new era to the world of beauty care.

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Solar inspiration
When the Lancaster Laboratories were following research aimed at helping young sufferers of Xeroderma Pigmentosum, also referred to as the “children of the night”, they began to look into enzymatic repair – at the heart of the 365 Cellular Elixir innovation. Discoveries regarding enzymes specially developed to repair the skin of these youngsters – who cannot tolerate any sun exposure – inspired Lancaster Research to create a suncare product, which took five years to develop. In terms of results, it surpassed all expectations, and revealed countless properties as well as complete anti-aging action. 365 Cellular Elixir was born. Nothing like it had ever been seen before!

A state of grace
365 Cellular Elixir Intense is not just content with carrying the most powerful active ingredients so that they can act at the heart of cells. This legendary serum immediately puts the skin into a state of grace. The minute it touches the skin, its surface is transformed. It shines with the radiance of youth. It has that glow that lights up your face when you’re 20.

The guardian angel of DNA
Today, it has been established that the DNA in skin cells is at the heart of all the functions that are essential for the skin’s youthful appearance and beauty. It’s a little like the skin’s “hard drive”. Drawing on over 40 years of expertise in cellular damage, 365 Cellular Elixir continues to push the cutting edge of technology, evolving in tune with the latest scientific innovations from Lancaster. Its “Intense” version has imposed itself as the no. 1 Lancaster skincare product, with a technology that can protect, preserve and help repair the skin’s ever-precious DNA. By acting deep within the skin, it penetrates the most complex mechanisms in order to protect the cellular genetic makeup. Better protected, DNA can continue to play its role in maintaining the skin’s youth. The resulting chain of benefits slows down the passage of time and gives women a lasting glow.

3 of the major forms of DNA damage targeted are repaired
6 drops per day – 3 in the morning, 3 in the evening – for optimized effectiveness
5 patents and 10 years of research, so that each day is another youthful day

A performance booster
We know that women, just like men, like to apply one skincare product over another as part of their daily ritual. The Lancaster Laboratories, aware of the current impact of layering, decided to conduct a test to ascertain the performance of 365 Cellular Elixir Intense when applied with other anti-aging products. Carried out on 110 Caucasian women aged 35 to 55, over a period of 4 weeks, this evaluation confirmed the boosting effect of the serum. When used with an anti-aging skincare product, it doubles the usual results noticed by users (wrinkle correction, firmness, radiance)*. And it’s the women themselves who say so!

* Based on women’s perceptions within the framework of a consumer test on 110 women who used 365 Cellular Elixir Intense in conjunction with their usual anti-aging skincare for 4 weeks.


– 365 Cellular Elixir Intense, used with your usual anti-aging skincare: double the performance

Immediately after first application*:

Women who tested the combination:

83%* said the serum increased the radiance-enhancing effect of their usual skincare
82%* said the effectiveness of their skincare was intensified

After 2 weeks of use*:
85%* said with this serum, action on wrinkles, firmness and radiance is doubled

* Consumer test on 110 women during 4 weeks, % of positive opinion.

– The beauty of the complexion is enhanced. The skin has never looked so radiant.

Women noticed:

After 4 weeks of application**:
92%** said their complexion was more even
90%** said their complexion looked radiant
86%** said their skin had regained luminosity

** Consumer test on 120 women after 4 weeks of repeated applications, % of positive opinion.

– Unique, 24-hour hydrating power

Measured on the skin***:

Immediate hydration, lasting up to 24 hours after the first application.

*** Clinical test on Caucasian women after single application. Skin capacitance measurement.


I never go without my 365…
Some products are destined to become must-have essentials… In 2012, 365 Cellular Elixir Intense asserts its iconic status and becomes available in a 100 ml format, designed exclusively for all those who have been loyal fans since day 1. This generous size promises to be there for you every day of the year. The texture, both fluid and fresh, promises even more sensoriality and radiance. It’s a bottle that becomes your friend, that you never want to be apart from. A promise of beauty, to use morning and evening, in every season, before applying your usual anti-aging skincare or sun protection.

A note to faithful fans: this 100 ml limited-edition version will delight with its generous size, for even more sensuality.