Official opening of Cosmocity in Beirut Souks


CosmoCity, an entertainment center built and operated by Gamers for Gamers, has chosen to open its first portal on Earth in Beirut Souks and celebrate their official opening on the 10th of December 2015; under the patronage of the Minister of Tourism, H.E. Mr. Michel Pharaon. Members from the media, as well as corporates and representatives were invited to a press conference at CosmoCity.

H.E. Mr. Michel Pharaon gave a short speech on the current state of Lebanese tourism and how various ventures, such as cosmocity, add such value to the overall appeal of downtown and Beirut. He was followed by Mr. Mounir Doueidi, representative of Solidere; then Mr. Saad Azhari from BLOM Bank as well as Mr. Georges Elias, CEO of Roberts Group and representative of CosmoCity. The guests and the press were then invited to step into a brave new universe, eons into the future and experience the games of CosmoCity, where everyone was transported to another dimension built on two impressive levels.

Georges Elias, CEO of Robert’s Group, explained the concept behind their new project: “CosmoCity is part of the Robert’s Group Holding, which has a long history in the amusement industry. Being based in Beirut, it operates all over the region, leading in supply of arcades and fun centers in Levant and Africa. We have an obvious competitive edge as a group and more than 43 years of experience in operations, products, knowledge, design and architecture needs understanding. We identified the need for innovation in the gaming sector and the fact that Beirut lacked entertainment centers catering to youth, teenagers and young adults. In collaboration with Beirut Souks and Solidere, we created Cosmicity and found the perfect location and space designated to build the impressive entertainment center.”

Press conference for the launching of Cosmocity.
Press conference for the launching of Cosmocity.

Richard Elias, CEO of CosmoCity, gave a little preview on what to expect from this one-of-a-kind entertainment center: “My brother and I were born into this industry and love playing with new games, and we wanted to offer what we love to our fellow gamers. CosmoCity was built to be a place that pulls its visitors light years away from everything that is commonplace in aracading and entertainment centers, disconnecting them from life on Earth. You can build unforgettable memories on a fun virtual Cosmo trip where you can meet in this place that throws u into a future of fun, far from everything you know, disconnecting you from life on earth, to bring you a sense of playful joy like you’ve never known before. Whether you’re a child, a teenager or an adult, Cosmocity welcomes you.”

Cosmocity’s mood and structure fit perfectly with the high-end positioning of Beirut Souks. The technologies, the games, the simulators and services in Cosmocity are all of the highest standards. The Entertainment center includes its own food & beverage kiosk, as well as microsale system integration. They are a part of the Intercard Network of which they are the official distributors in MENA. Vertigo Interactive screens run throughout the venue and the whole place is lit up with a neon glow that really sets a futuristic feel for the whole complex.

The most recent, unique simulators and games in the region were gathered at CosmoCity, such as the XD Dark Ride, the Battle-star Blasters, Dark Escape, Mission Possible laser maze, redemption skill games and many more. Apart from the games, CosmoCity also offers special packages all year long that are adapted to each season. The packages cater to all needs of people from all ages, including school trips, summer camps, fun planned activities, unique birthday parties, team building packages, corporate events, seminars with a twist, as well as competitions. Last but not least, a new concept was created in Lebanon called the ‘Bar-Cade Nights’, which allows adults to get away from their usual nightly routines and experience a whole new dimension of gamified nightlife.

For the brothers behind the project, amusement means an exciting world of fun where people can go have a good time with friends and families, where adults can be kids and where kids can be part of big adventures. They created a portal that could transport everyone, every day, to a brave new world. Cosmocity is that portal, taking its customers into the future, to a place where fun, entertainment and adventure are a cosmos to discover.