Popolo: authentic Italian cuisine on the shores of Beirut


Popolo, a casual mid to high-end Italian kitchen, opened its doors on September 30th 2015 in Beirut.

Located on the shores of bustling Beirut, Popolo delivers a new take on traditional Italian cuisine, bringing together the many diverse multi-regional styles that make up the gastronomic landscape of this legendary culinary destination.

Members of the media were invited to enjoy a dinner on an enchanting space overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The chefs worked their magic in the open concept kitchen, artfully prepping the dishes that were build by the consultant chef straight from Italy Giuseppe Palumbo & Popolo’s Executive chef Georges Dakkak. The diners were treated with traditional flavours of rustic and real Italian tastes, savouring every bite of the authentic ingredients. “We believe that food should be an experience that touches all the senses, and diners will feel just that when they come to Popolo” said Emile Razzouk, F&B director at Addmind. “Food is so much more than just ingredients on a plate. It’s emotional. It’s experiential. And at times, it’s magical”.

Delicious Italian food at Popolo.
Delicious Italian food at Popolo.

While the mere mention of Italian food conjures up mouthwatering imagery, dishes, and fresh ingredients, the history of Italian cuisine is intrinsically linked to its people and story of the country. Italian cuisine has evolved and changed throughout the centuries becoming more sophisticated and colorful, yet always keeping a close relationship with its roots and the methods of the people that made food from the soul.

You should try Popolo's exquisite Pizzas!
You should try Popolo’s exquisite Pizzas!

It is with all this pedigree and culinary inspiration, that the team behind Popolo have taken the task at heart, to deliver a one of a kind experience that will leave foodies and restaurant goers asking for more. The newest offering from the Addmind group seems set to add a little more zest to the Lebanese restaurant circuit.

The people have spoken, Popolo has listened, and they have been served.