Product of the Year highlights new learnings in social media


In its yearly workshop focusing in this edition on innovation in the social media sector, and new tools in the digital arena, Product of the Year, was in the foremost innovation catalysts that drive change in the FMCG sector in Lebanon and the region.

The workshop titled, “succeeding in establishing an online presence and consumer engagement through social media”, led clients and media guests to have an advanced understanding of key issues necessary to be noticeable enough in the jungle of digital media.

This activity drove substantial participation from decision makers, creative people, and press representatives aiming to know more from key speakers of leading global and regional platforms about hot topics such as the penetration and use of online devices in the Lebanese market and how consumers are engaging through the different SM tools. In addition to that, interventions focused on the type of content consumers like to engage with the most and what makes a good piece of video content. Speakers also stressed about the importance of timing to disseminate an attractive content at the right time and to the right target market.

CEO of the Product of the Year, Middle East and North Africa, Dory Kfoury commented on the outcomes of the workshop, saying that, “We are going the extra mile and bringing vital insights to clients with the Product of the Year supporting them with unprecedentedly innovative activities. The 2016 edition of our award will be a great platform for brands to shine on in the market, and we are seeing a lot of feedback with increasing participation from local Lebanese companies.”

With innovation being at very core of its mission, Product of the Year aims to create a sustainable support system for clients, through sharing with them the latest trends and learnings from the global and local scenes, allowing FMCG brands to make more guided marketing decisions.

It is worth to note that the registration process in The Product of the Year’s 2016 Edition reaches its deadline on October 30th, with FMCG clients needing to register their new products prior to the set date.