Starbucks launches Cold Brew for Hot Summer Days


With summer around the corner, Starbucks is introducing Cold Brew, its latest cold coffee innovation, for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa.

Starbucks’ Cold Brew is all about a new method of coffee making called “cold brewing.” The lengthy preparation process involves fresh, specially ground, small-batch coffee beans, cold water and 20 hours of slow-steeping time to create this all-new beverage that boasts a naturally sweet and distinctively smooth flavor.

“The Cold Brew is crafted with the best of roasting and brewing abilities, as a testament to the dedication and passion Starbucks has for its products”, said Rana Shaheen, Regional Communications and CSR Manager of Starbucks MENA.

“At Starbucks, we aim to provide our customers with a perfect beverage and experience every time. The Cold Brew is a perfect balance of a naturally sweet taste and a refined, smooth finish.” said Ms Shaheen.

The Cold Brew will be available at all Starbucks stores from April 4th, 2016.