Wake Up and Wear the Coffee


American Eagle Outfitters is excited to announce the launch of Denim Flex Café and Denim Café X – the new collection that takes the bestselling Flex and Denim X and infuses them with 2.25 grams of recycled coffee grounds per pair of jeans!

Why? Because AEO likes to do things a little differently, and the benefits are rather surprising. Since coffee grounds have a natural deodorizing quality, Denim Café jeans are also able to ward off smells and will help keep your pants going for a few extra wears.

The coffee-infused jeans also protect the wearer from harmful UV rays. And for those concerned about smelling like you spilt coffee on yourself, worry not: the coffee grounds used in the jeans have been treated to remove the fragrant components, like phenols, esters and oils.

The Denim Café collections hit stores this from 12th November across the Middle East and North Africa.