Yara Elle Khawam: A rebellious upcoming Lebanese actress


Yara Elle Khawam, a young artist who has dropped out her psychology major to pursue her dream in acting, photography and newly modeling, is one of those people who mixed all of the above and created a new way to be part of the cool kids.

She’s known for her raw and authentic persona, very different from most of the girls you follow on Instagram.

What sets her apart from the rest, is her honest perspective towards matters and style, her sense of music and humor and also her sensuality towards her womanhood.

Yara Elle Khawam

“I am not interested in being liked by everyone, I know I’ll always have people who’ll point fingers and dislike me, I am however living to the day of when at least one person would come up to me and tell me – because you didn’t give up, i didn’t either-. And that’s really one of the biggest reasons why I chose to do what I do.”

She is one of the realist girls out there, and she is not scared of society’s ridiculous boundaries.

Watch out for her and follow her here: @YaraElleKhawam