4 Hairstyles for the perfect bride

Grace Rady, the eternal bride!

You’ve settled on the groom, the dress, the decoration. and the venue. Now on to the most important wedding-day beauty decision: your hairstyle. We’re bringing you 4 perfect bridal hairtsyles to say “I do” to, courtesy of an experienced Lebanese wedding planner.

Are you confused about which hairstyle to go for on your big day? No worries! Grace Rady, an established Lebanese wedding planner, has the right tips for you!

In this interesting video, the first of its kind in the Middle-East, the lovely lady visits celebrity Lebanese Hairstylist Tony Sawaya to show you 4 beautiful hairstyles you can choose for your wedding day.

From the classic look to the modern updo, Grace Rady describes each and every hairstyle and tells you if it’s the right one for you!

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