5 bad habits you should get rid of now


We all get a little slumpy after a hard day’s work or after a long night out… it’s okay most of the time, but there are some habits that we should definitely get rid off on the long run!

1- Sleeping with make-up on

Make up, added to all the dirt your face got during the day, closes your pores and doesn’t let your skin regenerate as it should during the night. So if you do it once you will have after a few days pimles, but in the long term you will have premature aging, excess dehydration/dryness that can lead to irritation. And it also worsen acne.

2- Wearing slim pants

A recent study showed that wearing slim pants can cause “meralgia paresthetica,” Dr. Karen Boyle, a surgeon in Baltimore, explained in the columns of the International Business Times that it was “a disorder caused when one of the nerves that pass into the thigh is compressed.” Dr. Robert Rhee describes the main symptom of meralgia paresthetica in the New York Daily: “The numbness is a sign that your body does not receive enough blood.”
But everything comes back to normal when you take off these slim pants and wear larger ones.

3- Holding a heavy purse

Wether you are holding a heavy shoulder bag or a handbag you are putting too much pressure on your back and can cause back, shoulder and neck pain. Even headache.

The solution ? Don’t forget that your Smartphone can be a phone, agenda, mirror… in the same time. Plus, if you really cannot lighten your purse, instead of always carrying it on the same side, switch back and forth so you don’t put the pressure on one side.

4- Wearing a smaller bra

Wearing a smaller bra can make your breasts look better at that time but in the long run, the elastic around your cup will make a mark around your boobs.
And when you wear tight bra it will make difficult to breath and you might be more exposed to breast cancer.

How to measure your bra size ?

5- Wearing High-heel

Though heels make us look lovely, wearing heels everyday has a lot of side effects.

– foot pain because when wearing High heels the entire pressure of the body is concentrated on your feet

– High heels can affect your natural posture and spine

– High heels can damage the spinal nerves which can become pinched. It may lead to pain, tingling and numbness.

– it is more easy to get ankle injuries, hammertoe or bunions when wearing High heels rather than comfortable shoes