5 Hair Clips That Will Save Your Bad Hair Day


Whether you’ve woken up late or your morning commute has blown your style sideways, there is nothing to start your workday off on the wrong foot than having hair that won’t cooperate.
Keep these top 5 hair clips and accessories to hand, in your handbag or your desk drawer to always have the right tools to tame your hair when it turns wild.

1.    Hair Bands.

Wide hair bands can save you from a frizz attack. Look for a comfortable hair band that you will be able to wear all day, but with the hold and generous width to cover your crown or hold back your fringe as needed.

2.     French Pleat Hair Combs.

Simpler than the double beaded combs, these are perfect for tidying away longer hair that’s become windblown or too fluffy for your liking. The classic French Pleat style is always appropriate for work or evenings out.

3.    Barrettes.

Large barrettes can be used to make a smart ponytail if you simply need to smooth the hair around the top of your head. Produces a much more professional and groomed look than a scruffy old hair elastic.

4.    Hair Claws.

Hair Claws come in a lot of elegant styles and colours these days. Smaller dressy claws are excellent for creating emergency half-back styles that hold your hair away from your face but still show off your length beautifully.

5.    Hair Sticks.

Easy to store in the glove box of your car, a pretty hair stick is a godsend when you need to create an updo quickly. Tucked through a chignon, French twist or folded over ponytail, hair sticks are best suited for hair well past your shoulders.

By Leigh Jasper

Source : Marie Claire