7 steps to get the perfect at home manicure


Lack of time, scheduling problems, last minute issues, or simply wanting to play home spa! Every lady should be learning how to fix her own nails at home for these emergency situations.

All you need is a anti-cuticles gel, a nourishing oil, a nail file, cotton sticks, a base coat, nail polish and a good fast-dry top coat.

 Step 1

Let the anti-cuticles gel set on your nails for a minute then push the cuticles outwards using cotton sticks; we do not recommend you cut them, this part should be left to a real professional.

 Step 2

Use the tip of your nail file (if it is sharp) to gently clean below the nails.

 Step 3

File your nails shorter respecting the following 2 directions. a- Never file your nails in two opposite directions and b- Never file your wet nails. Both mistakes will cause you cracked nails.

 Step 4

Clean your hands and nails from the residuals of the filing and it would be a good idea to disinfect your nails using a light alcohol. (A strong alcohol would strip your nails from natural moisture).

 Step 5

Apply a coat of nail polish base. The trick here? Apply it also below the nail. It will give you rock-hard nails.

 Step 6

Apply two coats of colored nail polish, sealing the edges of the nail with polish as you are applying the first coat. Let the first coat be light, and the second a little more dense.

 Step 7

Apply top coat without forgetting to seal the nails, to prevent shrinkage.

– You will need to perform a manicure once every 3 weeks, otherwise you’ll only have to change colors performing steps 5 to 7 after removing the old nail polish using a non-alcoholic nail polish remover.
– Once you remove your week old nail-polish, reserve a day to keep your nails bare so they can breathe. Applying nourishing oils 2-3 times during this day are a good idea to keep your nails healthy.

Patricia I. Issa
Belle Beirut Team