7 tips to make your summer makeup last


It is definitely very hot, oh, and humid too. For all makeup lovers, this means one thing: A disaster! And for all makeup lovers with combination to greasy skin, it’s double the trouble. Due to the heat and humidity, your makeup will tend to become too shiny, smudge or simple fade away fast.

BelleBeirut gathered a few tips -apart from the classic of using long wear or waterproof makeup- to allow your makeup to resist the hot-humid weather and last all day long.

 1- Wash your skin

Prior to applying makeup, wash your skin with a drying medical soap or gel. This step will rid your skin from the oils and allow your makeup to stick and give away a matt effect. However; you should keep in mind that drying your face shouldn’t be a daily task; and that you should use a moisturizer once you remove your makeup to remedy for the previous effect.

 2- Skip moisturizing

Skip using a moisturizing base for your makeup, especially if you have greasy skin. Sound unhealthy? That’s because it is. This is why you should keep this tip for the days where it is really hot and where you absolutely must wear makeup for long hours without much chances to re-touch it. Again; you should re-balance the effect just like in tip # 1.

 3-Powdery textures:

For your foundations, shadows and blushers, powdery textures are preferable to creamy ones during hot weather. They are less likely to shine or smudge.

 4- Dry liners:

Eye liners are more likely to smudge due to humidity, so here’s what we learned from some of our fashionable readers “use the eyebrows pencil instead”. This product is much dryer than our usual kohl and isn’t likely to smudge at all.

 5- Lip shapers:

Just like eye liners, lip liners might be prone to smudge; this is why you better use a lip shaper instead. A lip shaper is much dryer than a lip liner and tend to come in lips’ color.

 6- Loose powder:

Keep your loose powder handy, it is you savior in case your face gets too shiny. But here’s the trick: Make sure you have a transparent matt shade, because overly colored shades will cake up and ruin the colors of your makeup.

 7- Tools:

Finally, when it comes to your makeup tools, it is preferable to use soft textured brushes over sponges when it is hot. With sponges you will have a tendency to over-apply foundation and powders risking a cake-up effect over the hours; this effect is heightened by the fact that sponges tend to absorb the humidity in the air.

BelleBeirut gathered for you a small gallery of summer 2012 makeup! Enjoy it, and don’t forget to use our tricks to make it last!

Glamorously Yours;
Patricia I. Issa