8 steps to an Amazing tan with Beesline


BelleBeirut wanted to explore the secrets of a perfect tan, and for this, we paired up with Beesline to bring you this review about the perfect tan & Beesline products!

We all love to be tanned, and we all know that a truly beautiful glowing tan is a healthy tan.

If you have been checking out our regular tweets, skincare articles and Beesline’s Facebook page & twitter account, then you must be familiar with some of the following tanning tips:

 1- Keep your body hydrated

As we’ve recommended repeatedly, it is very important to keep your body hydrated from inside as you are tanning. Double your water intake during the day where you are expecting additional exposure to the sun!

 2- Drink carrot juice

As you can see in the photos on Beesline’s Facebook Page, the bees obviously recommend carrot juice to enhance your tan, validating every doctor’s recommendation that a beautiful skin always starts from inside. This is one of the secrets they share every time they go on site with the people chilling at different resorts on the Lebanese coast.

 3- Use Beesline’s Classic Sunscreen in 50+ SPF

Facial skin is way more sensitive than the rest of the body, this is why it commands additional care while tanning. We have tried, and we recommend Beesline’s Classic Sunscreen in 50+ SPF; the formula is light, non-greasy, and easily absorbable by the skin.

 4- Use Beesline’s wax tanning oil

None of us wants to wait forever for that perfect bronzed shade, this is why we all tend to use tanning enhancers! One of our favorite products this summer is Beesline’s wax tanning oil! Our fashion editor tried it over 3 weeks and here’s her comment: “It smells good for a change, it doesn’t dry the skin and it doesn’t stick!! You still have to see the amazing color it gave me” -Patricia-

 5- Use Beesline Gold

Sparkly vampires have been in since Twilight! But what about a sparkly tan? Beesline Gold is just the “it” fix for a festive day at the beach! Besides being the great tan enhancer like it’s classic counterpart from Beesline, it give additional glow and a shade of gold to the tan. Our glam tip: It is just what you want to use for these day beach parties too! Our fashion editor spotted one more difference between the two tan enhancers: “Beesline Gold give a sandy hint to the tan, something more golden than bronzed; I think it is perfect to the naturally fair skinned like myself” -Patricia-

 6- Use Beesline’s Tinted Sunscreen

For those of you who can’t go to the beach without their makeup, you must know that the sun interacts with your makeup products which might turn them into poisonous ingredients in touch with your skin. This is why Beesline created, what has become one of our favorite products the “Tinted Sunscreen“. A hybrid between sun protection and light foundation, it is just what you need for a long day at the beach to spare you the damages makeup can cause.

What we totally love about this product is how dry and light it is! We don’t know if it is supposed to be used as a makeup base, but we know that Patricia, Reem and Acile are using it every morning! Their common comment is: “It has a light coverage, no additional shine and it disappears!!” and this is why we love it, our new recommendation of a multifunction sun-product.

 7- Carefully choose your tanning timing

On another note, it is important to carefully choose your tanning timings, because 12 o’clock is more baking than tanning and 6 o’clock almost has no effect!!! We recommend 3 sessions a week sometime between 3 and 5 pm, and of course with the adequate protection!

 8- Use moisturizers

You will need to repair your skin after tanning, because no matter how good your tanning products are, nothing will prevent the water loss from the skin and the rest of the body after sun exposure. Have your moisturizers handy! The thicker they are, the better!! Remember that a tan always looks better on a healthy skin, and a healthy skin is never dry!

We hope this report will be guiding you through your next bronzing mission! We will leave you now to go get that “TanFastic” shade!

Glamorously Yours;
Patricia I. Issa