Hair Tutorial: Get that perfect Kim Kardashian inspired party hair


It is the season to be on the run from one event to another!! And sometimes you will not have enough time to get your regular hair appointment. In this hairstyling tutorial, we’re teaching you how to get the Kim Kardashian signature hair do at home!

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1. Wash the hair thoroughly through and condition it well.
2. Leave the conditioner on your hair for 10-15 minutes before rinsing and comb through.
3. Before trying to dry your hair, create the parting.
4. Apply a smoothing serum to the wet hair and begin drying until your hair is 90% dry.
5. When you need to toss your head upside down, do it in a controlled manner to keep the parting in place and avoid any frizz made by rough drying.
6. Use a large round brush and blow dry the hair in a downwards completely straight; making sure the roots are flat.


1. Take two inch sections of hair starting from the front and working backwards.
2. Using a straightener, straighten the hair from the roots to ends in one single motion in order to close the hair cuticle and create sleek hair. That’s the secret to creating that mirrored effect.
3. Put the end of the hair into a one inch curling iron and twist them up a few inches to where you want the movement to begin.
4. Pin up the curl and let it cool for sometime.
5. Leave for 10 minutes then brush out creating a 1920’s wave.
6. Then you can pull one side behind the shoulder where the parting is and the other side over the shoulder.
7. Brush the side over the shoulder into place.

Patricia I. Issa
Belle Beirut Team