How to recycle your beauty products


Summer is officially over, and sunny days are scarce now! We all have those summer products that are not squeezed to the limit yet; so what about we make some extra use of those last few drops?

 Oily SunScreens:

Most sunscreens contain moisturizing elements, using them at home as a moisturizers is never a bad idea. Use them for those days when you’re lazy at home; they tend to give an unwanted extra shine and make makeup smudge, so keep them for your pajama hours!

 Dry SunScreens:

You do not have to see the sun so it can hurt your skin. Keep your dry texture sunscreen to use whenever you’re out for long hours, just the way you used to use it during Summer.

 Colored Tanning Oils/Gels:

Being colored, these products might damage your clothes; putting them to good use in hands/feet massages is never a bad idea.

 Clear Tanning Oils:

Clear tanning oils can lock up moisture inside your skin for hours. Due to the fact that they are still extra shiny, a good use would be using them as feet moisturizers. Soak up your feet, after bath, in these oils and wear thick socks overnight.

 After-Tanning Creams:

As long as they smell good, you can use them as body moisturizers.

 Shimmering Tanning Oils:

(Like our Summer 2012 favorite product: The “Golden” tanning oil from Beesline) – In super light touches, this amazing product can be used as a shimmering highlighter for your body during nights out on the town!

And remember, double use, recycling, and making the best of your beauty products is environmentally friendly.

Patricia I. Issa

Belle Beirut Team.