Lush refreshes Beirut before winter


A few days ago, the BelleBeirut team dropped by Lush’s Winter event at Beirut Souks!

The fresh brand, all made of natural and organic components was displaying a colorful and heavenly scented new range of winter products that’s currently available in both branches (Beirut Souks and ABC Dbayeh).

The new range of products, just as every other range, guided us to the location of the event with its fruity and sweet scents. Santa, a young ballerina and a few other exotic characters welcomed us there!

Soaps, cleansers, peeling products, bath bombs and salts all smelled delicious and looked edible. And to make it easier for everyone to select this Christmas’ gifts from Lush; the brand prepared and presented a pre-selected and packaged gifts to pick up on the go! (Find our favorites in the gallery)

Talking about this innovative almost-edible brand will not do justice, because it won’t compare to indulging in the scent and colors in your own bath; but Belle Beirut can tell you that besides being all natural, these products are also aesthetically appealing and perfect for display since the designs are real-life inspired and the colors very intense!

We will be leaving you with the pictures of our favorite products and the event, while awaiting our up-coming collaboration with Lush Cosmetics – Lebanon!

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