Makeup Capital: How to Get the Perfect “Cheeks”


Cheers to natural beauty! And to silicone-less faces! Yet, not all of us are born with a perfect bone structure to give us those high, lifted, and perfect cheeks a la Kimmy. Lucky enough, there is way around that, and it is a little short of surgery: “Makeup”!

Following these easy steps, you will be performing your own cheeks mini-surgery:

 Step 1:

Make sure your dark circles concealer is 1 to 2 color degrees lighter than your foundation, the new ritual is spreading it farther than the eyes to the upper cheeks. This will automatically lift the whole upper-cheek area, do not spread it over the apples though.

 Step 2:

Mix your foundation lightly with the concealer, use less foundation on the under-eye and upper cheeks area than the rest of the face, to keep it lighter.

 Step 3:

Use a creamy dark blusher (or bronzer) at the center of your cheeks starting for the baseline of the hair, just below the cheek bones, driving towards the center of the cheeks. Blend well into your foundation.

 Step 4:

Use a pink / peach blusher with a moderate degree of shimmer on the apple of your cheeks and right on your cheek bone driving from center backwards, but do not reach the hairline, better yet, do not outreach the extension of the eye’s orbit.

 Step 5:

Using a golden or a champagne colored highlighter with a strong shimmer touch, highlight your cheek bones lightly and accentuate the upper part just below the eyes dragging towards the upper edge of the temples.

-We strongly recommend creamy blusher for the dark shade, and powdery texture for the two others.

-Blend the three shades well so you don’t end up with rough lines in between.

-When in doubt about colors use the following combination: Deep peach bronzer, light peach blusher, light champagne highlighter. It works well with most makeup types.

Patricia I. Issa
Belle Beirut Team