MakeUp Savior: MakeUp Tips You Will Soon Swear By!

So, here we come again to the same old ever-new topic of makeup! In this article, I & Belle Beirut gathered some unconventional makeup tips from the experience of women who wear makeup almost daily!
The scattered pieces of advice in the following display are time savers, skin savers and pocket savers; so here we go:
• Your fingers are the best makeup tools you can use in times of rush; just keep wet napkins handy so products do not get meshed on your fingers then face!S
• Make sure you own one compressed dry foundation with high coverage capacity, for emergencies of rush! Sometimes you won’t have the time to use concealer, liquid foundation and loose powder!
• Your powder. Always have it in compressed form for your daytime makeup; that will save you application time and grant you longer coverage!
• Highlighters. A generous amount is always a disaster, use them sparingly on the cheek bones only; their effect on the nose, forehead and chin can be bad in pictures!
• Bronzers. Pick them as to match your natural skin color; do not be too ambitious about darker shades because a bronzer is supposed to highlight your tan, not give you one. Pick your bronzer with a moderate hint of shimmer, even if you’re using it during the day! Otherwise, if you do not like shimmery products, then go for a regular blusher!
• Mascara. It is the only makeup product which daily use is not recommended, it makes your lashes fall. Just make sure no powder or eyeshadow stays on your lashes and you’re good to go without it. Keep it for the nights out!
• Any dark eyeshadow can be used as a liner. Hint: use a thin brush after dipping it in water!
• Blusher and eyeshadow can be interchangeable when they’re not too sparkly and in sheer-pink-peach shades. Use one product to get going fast. I do this with both my bronzer and blusher when I am running errands!
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• Lip shapers are more important than lipliners. A shaper is a dry liner with a shade too close as to be confused with that of your lips. Use one with some gloss and you’re off the lipstick hook for the day, even when the gloss disappears!
• Lipsticks. Use them on top of some foundation if you want the shade to be the closest to that in the tube!
• Gloss. It is supposed to wear out fast, if it doesn’t then it contains lead and you don’t need that!
• Lip fixes. They’re supposed to make your lipstick last longer; but in fact they criminally dry your skin; you don’t really need them!
• Brands! You better have one brand for most of your essentials; because items in each brand are meant to function perfectly together!
• Foundation is the most important item of your makeup, because it is the one that will get to affect your skin the most; eye kohl pencils come next, then your gloss because we all tend to eat it eventually. So you better put most of your makeup budget investment in those three products, that if you had to prioritize!
• The damage caused by makeup to the skin is overrated. You can diminish it substantially by removing your makeup perfectly, cleaning & peeling your face deeply and moisturizing it generously at night!
Glamorously yours in a rush!
Patricia Issa