Makeup Trends Extending Into 2013


When it comes to makeup trends of 2013, the trends of 2012 are pretty much extending with a few new introductions from the big houses.

The new introductions to the makeup of 2013 so far are obvious geometrics, dramatic eyes, and a dose of fresh with the many “resort” collections coming in.

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Besides that, the runways are currently displaying the following trends: Bushy eyebrows and bold eyeliners are here to stay; colored smoky makeup is making a stronger come back than 2012, minimal and minimal with bold lips are staying throughout 2013 and nude is taking has reserved the runways till 2014, louder than bold eyeliner and geometric eyeliners are in, panda eyes – triangular makeup and vampire lips are the odd element of the year.

Below is an illustration of the dominant styles of late 2012 and 2013 makeup trends.


Glamorously Yours;
Patricia I. Issa