Makeup Tutorial: Get the Perfect Lips Every Time!


Ladies, the last part of the makeup and the one prone to disappear first is your lips’ makeup. In this short tutorial we will teach you some tricks to make your lips’ color last longer.

• Taking care of your lips regularly will keep them smooth and great looking under makeup; exfoliate once a week and moisturize every day

• Covering your lips with foundation does bring out your lipstick color; but also can cause caking up; therefore avoid it altogether and powder your lips using your pressed powder instead

• Use a dry lip shaper to contour your lips; it holds better than the lip liner and gives dimension

• Do not draw your lips’ contour much bigger than your actual lips size to keep the result natural in case your lipstick fades away

• Use a brush to fill in the lip color instead of the stick; it’s a much better strategy to cover lips especially if they’re not perfectly smooth

• Cover your first layer of lipstick (which shouldn’t be so thick) with a light touch of loose powder then apply a second thicker layer

• Always finish by tapping the whole lightly with a dry tissue to remove excesses

• Gloss can be perfect for smooth lips but if your lips aren’t perfectly smooth it emphasizes the small cuts and unevenness. It also has the tendency to sink in small wrinkles and smudges your lips’ contour. And besides the fact that it is so 2000s; it will make you retouch your makeup more often. So avoid it altogether and opt for glossy lipsticks instead.

Patricia I. Issa
Fashion & Beauty Editor
Belle Beirut Team