Natural Beauty Remedies: 6 peculiar beauty tricks that work


We all have our strange beauty secrets that help us look great, and sometimes the oddest tips are the ones that work the best.

 Trick 1: Fade scars with raw potato

Many of us suffer from red marks and scars from skin blemishes and acne to some extent from time to time. To aid the fading red marks and facial scars, try treating your skin with potato juice. It may sound odd, but potatoes help to reduce scarring. To try this remedy, simply cut a potato in half and rub it all over the relevant area, allowing the potato juices to cover the skin.

 Trick 2: Fix fake tan mishaps with baking soda

So, you were just after a tiny bit of glow and now you’re officially the color of this season’s Halloween pumpkin. Don’t panic! You can still fix it and attain a glowing, streak-free skin. To fix a fake tan gone wrong, make an exfoliator consisting of baking soda and water. Mix the ingredients and form a paste that can then be rubbed all over your face and body. Remember to rub in circles to help lighten the tan and soften any streaks.

 Trick 3: Prime oily skin with laxatives

If you’re hoping to fight oily skin and leave your face looking matte then some Milk of Magnesia – a liquid laxative and antacid medicine – might just be the answer to your oily problems. After washing and drying your face, apply a little Milk of Magnesia using a cotton ball and give it time to dry on your face. This helps to achieve a non-greasy complexion after makeup is applied onto the face.

 Trick 4: Banish greasy locks with Baby Powder

Dry shampoo has now become a staple that is essential in our beauty bags because of the hectic days we may face where we don’t have time to wash and style our hair. However, the good news is that baby powder can also help to improve greasy roots. To immediately revive and add volume to your head of hair, sprinkle a small amount of baby powder onto the scalp and work into the roots, then brush all the excess powder through. Ofcourse this remedy works only if it were to be used to buy yourself an hour or two tops.

 Trick 5: Whiten your teeth with crunchy vegetables

If you’re yearning for whiter, stain-free teeth, then keeping some fruit and veggies at hand could help to give you a brighter smile. Make it a habit to follow meals with crunchy fruits and vegetables the likes of : apples, celery and carrots . These example fruits and veggies can help to minimize staining and whiten teeth. The roughness of these crunchy foods can help to give your teeth a post-meal clean.

 Trick 6: For all you blonde bombshells out there, rejuvenate your hair with tomato ketchup

Whether you’ve had a hair dye disaster or experiencing a chlorine-induced green tone episode from spending too much time in the pool, you blonde ladies can counteract green shades and revitalize their color with the help of the one and only faithful of fries: tomato ketchup. While it may not be the most appealing-or nice smelling- hair treatment out there, the red condiment can neutralize the green in your hair, leading to shiny, golden luscious locks once more. Apply the tomato ketchup to hair and leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse off and shampoo as normal. After all no one wants permanent green streaks, despite Halloween being around the corner.

Aurore Makki
Dubai Based Blogger