Weekly beauty rituals you shouldn’t skip


We all want to look beautiful every single day, with and without a hair do and makeup! But there is no way this can be done without having the basics in place!

A shiny healthy hair is the base of a great hair do, a great skin is primordial to makeup; a healthy tan is cornerstone of glam and you just can’t get that perfect manicure without healthy nails!

If you have read our daily beauty rituals then you know your daily rituals; but here are a few measures that are complimentary to your daily rituals which you can do once or twice a week!

 Over-Night Hair Mask:

Yes you heard it! And for that I recommend virgin olive oil or any other good quality hair oil you can find on the market! Wash your hair once, massage the oil into your hair and keep it overnight. The next day, wash it twice to get rid of the oil. The results will surprise you!

 Light Peeling and Mask:

And I say “Light” because deep peeling can ruin your tan and make your skin greasier. Apply a light oxygenated peeling on your face and massage it in circular motions. A clearing or a moisturizing mask (depending on your skin type) is a great option to follow. Repeat once or twice a week depending on how much sun and dust you’re being exposed to.

 Black-Heads Patches:

Have some black-head patches handy to use once a week. Even if you can’t see your black heads clearly yet; run the treatment once a week so you make sure you won’t have any. Sun blocks, moisturizers and sun products accelerate the process of black heads.

 Exfoliating Body Treatment:

Even if you are trying to protect your tan, your body will need scrubbing at least once a week!! This is how actresses get their shiny tanned skin on the red carpet. Keep it light during summer, so you can keep your tan. We also recommend you use the oxygen based exfoliators instead of the sand based ones.

 Let Your Nails Breathe:

If you are typically addicted to having all your 20 nails painted; then this one is for you, please let them breathe one day a week or at least once every 10 days! The last thing you want to end up with is yellow brittle nails, so expose them to oxygen regularly and treat them to some nourishing oils!

 Finally, do not forget Your Feet:

With all the beach walks, open design shoes and heels; your feet exceptionally suffer during summer; but you can make this up with exfoliation, hot oil massage then a moisturizing soak (that’s when you use a large quantity of moisturizers then wear thick socks) twice a week!

These treatments are better done once to twice a week; and are meant to give you optimal results in a few minutes!Do not let Summer ruin your beauty!

Glamorously Yours,
Patricia Issa