Your Nails Are Going Crazy in Spring & Summer 2012


If you have been around B-Town long enough, then you know that a perfect manicure is a “Must” to compliment your look!

Trends in Nail Art vary with every season, following trends on the catwalk and the range of colors expected to make it big! For this SS12, Belle Beirut is bringing you the major trends in Nail Art, on both classical and edgy levels!
Here are your SS12 trends so get ready to prep-up your manicure:

 1- Rounded Tips

Yep! It’s about time to get rid of those squared nails and opt for the more classic yet much sexier alternative! The curve this year though is not too edgy.

 2- Long Nails

Nothing will put your manicure in its best shapes than longer than average nails. 0.5 to 0.6 mm is a reasonable average!

 3- Racing Strips

F1 on your nails and get going!

 4- Monotone Prints

Houndstooth, burberry print, polka dots and other patterned designs are going big along with the patterned tendency of the catwalk!

 5- Reverse French Manicure

Needless to say, a little edgy yet so fun to try!

 6- Chartreuse Neon Nail Colors (Light Games)

Any color that can be light-friendly or neon hinted is big in SS12! Go be bold and try those yellow and neon green shades!

 7- Two Toned Manicures

Any contrasting 2 tones can make it! Better yet, try extremely odd color combinations! Or a matt v/s metallic shade!

 8- Classic Red Nails Polishes

Opt for lighter shades of red though, keeping the dark shades for the next season!

 9- Sexy Nude Nail Polish

The perfect pass-partout quick fix! And every single brand has at least 2 shades of nude, the beige & the light sheer pink!

 10- Ombre Manicures

Mixed shades of the same dark and light color! Blue and pink ombre are the favorites of the catwalk!

 11- Clean and Simple Manicures

That’s your no-time transparent film manicure! Keep a good transparent multivitamin glossy polish near and you’re good to go in no time!

Glamorously Yours,
Patricia Issa