Dancing with the Stars Season 2 Finale : Who won vs. who should have won


Dancing wit the stars’ second season came to a close a few days ago and the winner was Daniella Rahme, who got the highest number of votes during the final show.

Although the Lebanese version of Dancing with the stars did not receive the hype of the first season (in my honest opinion), it is safe to say that there were truly some talented celebrities among the participants.

Maya Nehme and Aslak.
Maya Nehme and Aslak.

What is also noteworthy, was the different backgrounds from which these celebrities come from: Basket-Ball player Elie Stephan especially caught my eye because of his persistence, his courage and his audacity. Plus it’s good to see there are some good looking Lebanese men who can shake it (well sort of).

As is the case in most competitions in Lebanon (unfortunately) the final results were somewhat contested and criticized. Too bad because (in my honest opinion again) the winner is not the one who takes the prize at the end, but the one who truly demonstrates amazing dancing skills during the course of the show, and the one who works on his mistakes and becomes a better dancer at the end.

Daniella Rahme and Raed.
Daniella Rahme and Raed.

For this season, I can safely say that both Daniella Rahme and Maya Nehme stood out, each in their own way. And I believe they both won because they reached the final stage of the competition. Who gets more votes does not really reflect who is the better dancer, it’s just luck.

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It’s too bad Carole el-Hajj wasn’t able to compete though, I think it would have been interesting to see how she would have performed in the finals because she surely was some tough competition to the other finalists.

All in all, I think both contestants deserve the praise and both are champions for reaching the finals!


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