Jbeil’s Christmas Tree featured by The Guardian for the second year in a row


For the second year in a row, Jbeil-Byblos’ Christmas tree was chosen by American newspaper “The Guardian” as one of the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world.

Featured alongside Washington, London, Budapest and Melbourne’s amazing Christmas trees, Lebanon’s very own Jbeil Christmas tree truly stands out.

The 35-meter high, 14-meter large Christmas tree is composed of 35 tons of gold-colored mirrors made of steel. The tree is divided into two parts which symbolize the past and present of Jbeil City in a modern style. The northern side of the tree is facing the sea and is designed in a sail shape in reference to the ancient city, which gave the alphabet to the world. The multi-layered southern side represents the earth as well as the present city with its inhabitants, who coexist like pieces of a mosaic artwork, despite their different religious, cultural and political affiliations.

This year’s Christmas tree in Jbeil, made possible with the support of Byblos Bank and Jbeil Traders, was designed to help contribute to charity work: To light up the tree, people had to send an SMS to a specific number. Upon receiving the message, a Christmas song will automatically be played from the tree. The funds raised will go to the Lebanese Red Cross-Jbeil, Child Circle Association, St. Vincent de Paul, and the Maronite Charity Association of Jbeil.

Check out The Guardian’s article by clicking-here