Is this a joke? Three Lebanese women to release a video of their naked protest


Well that’s a first. The Kataeb website reported today that three Lebanese women will release a video of their naked protest on a beach resort located “between Batroun and Jounieh”.

The three women, identified only by their initials: A.W, D.S, and R.M, undressed at a public beach resort to protest against unemployment in Lebanon and the lack of equality between men and women in our society.

According to the Kataeb website, a video of this naked protest will be posted on Youtube, “even though authorities have threatened to arrest the women if they release the video”.

It is safe to say that this **yet to be confirmed** ridiculous news is in line with the current (stupid) events going on in the country.

I mean, seriously?

Getting naked to protest against unemployment? NAKED… in LEBANON? I bet these women have some balls! (wouldn’t that be great).

Throwback: Ukrainian woman strips off at Beirut airport

Brace yourselves for a wave of condemnation from religious authorities and jihadist groups (I mean they were relatively close to the “hot” neighborhoods).

Well at least they might draw some attention from the west for a change. After all, female activists have been (peacefully) protesting for years in Lebanon asking for equality and rights, maybe this will change a thing or two (and maybe interest our politicians).