Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions This Time!


2013 is a few days away, and if you’re anything like the majority of people, then you must have a list of at least 10 New Year’s resolutions you’re planning to implement.

Be it dieting, exercising, taking more pictures, spending more time with the family or simply getting off the internet and socializing with real people; these resolutions tend not to survive January in most cases.

From the few life coaches out there, we’re collected a few tips to help you stick to your resolutions and make it a success this year.

1- Put ahead a realistic and attainable goal. For instance, losing 4 kilos a month is attainable, losing 20 is not! Reducing your internet addiction is attainable, beating it in a highly connected era, is impossible!
2- Divide your goal into smaller sub-goals you can keep track of week to week.
3- Use numbers! Numbers are your friends here, so put your resolutions in a numeric form. For example, I will make sure I contact at least one of my friends every day!
4- Don’t go into a long list of resolutions, people can implement a reasonable amount of change into their lives before moving on to other issues. So limit yourself to 2 or 3 goals, then once you start seeing results, introduce new aims.
5- Keep a diary. Writing down your daily progress will help you and motivate you.
6- Get a partner! Having a partner at each one of the resolutions will keep you on your toes.
7- Ask for help. Letting your close friends and family members know of your resolutions will get them to help you stay on track; so confide in them and ask for their support, most often than not, they will be there for you.

Good Luck!
Patricia I. Issa
Belle Beirut Team