Top 5 Photoshop jokes on this week’s heavy rain in Lebanon

Photo via LBC

The Lebanese have become accustomed to spending hours on end stuck in traffic as the first drops of rain hit the streets, and over the years (and thanks to Photoshop) they have developed a sarcastic sense of humor about it.

This week, Lebanon was struck by a mini-storm which brought the first heavy showers since the start of the winter season.

Streets became lakes, cars became boats (or submarines), people were swimming on the streets or worse: in their own houses, because of the floods.

Knowing that there is not much that they can do about this situation, a lot of people resorted to good old Photoshop to express their frustration. If only our politicians were as talented in their work.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 Photoshop jokes about December rain in Lebanon.

5- The Floating Dabkeh

by Omar Abbas via NekatFreeSyle Facebook Page
by Omar Abbas

The traditional Lebanese dance with the “traditional” Lebanese floods. A perfect combination! (Image via Nekat FreeSyle Facebook Page)

4- Lebanese water taxi

Water taxi. by Rami Kadi via NekatFreeStyle Facebook page
Water taxi. by Rami Kadi

This has got to be a solution to the crazy traffic. (Image via Nekat FreeStyle Facebook page)

3- Lebanese street fishing

Lebanese street fishing. Serena M. Abdallah, Ali Karbala, Wajih Zahed via LebaneseMemes Facebook Page
Lebanese street fishing. Serena M. Abdallah, Ali Karbala, Wajih Zahed

Fishing season is never over in Lebanon. (Image via LebaneseMemes Facebook Page)

2- Costa Karantina

Costa Karantina via Serge Zarka
Costa Karantina

New in Beirut, Costa Karantina cruises, disgusting smells guaranteed. (And maybe a crocodile or two on in your room). Image via Serge Zarka

1- Titanic-Lebanon

Jak w Roza. via Serge Zarka
Jak w Roza.

A true story. Image via Serge Zarka