Burger King’s new chicken wraps: We tried, we loved!


The good people over at Burger King Lebanon gave us the honor of trying their new chicken wraps at the comfort of our own offices. And it was a delight!

Burgers are the first thing that come to your mind whenever you think about Burger King. But the American fast food chain is also known for its other delicious specialties such as our own favorite Chicken Royale.

However, it seems King Food s.a.l outdid themselves by introducing the delicious Chicken Wraps, and we at BelleBeirut got to try them this week!

Neatly wrapped and still deliciously fresh even though they were sent straight to our offices by delivery, Burger King’s chicken wraps were a particular delight along with the fast food chain’s signature French Fries.

The first wrap had a chicken strip with a very pleasant crispy exterior, and the marinated chicken meat inside was just right. The wrap was very rich with fresh lettuce and dripped in a delicious and slightly spicy dressing.

The second wrap was a perfectly grilled chicken along with lettuce and the same amazing dressing. Needless to say both wraps disappeared in seconds and were very tasty.

I personally recommend the crispy chicken as it is much more delightful with the soft bread wrap, and I can’t wait to taste it again!

This meal is perfect for a quick lunch during weekdays, but make sure you don’t have more than two!

For more information, check out Burger King’s Facebook Page or Burger King Lebanon’s website.


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