Leila’s new mouthwatering desserts

Leila's New Desserts

Leila, the authentic Lebanese restaurant with a modern twist, gave BelleBeirut a glimpse of some new items on their desserts menu… and what a treat!

Who does not crave Leila‘s sweet desserts after a fulfilling meal of modern Lebanese mezze?

No one.

Simply because the amazing people behind Leila’s cuisine have thoroughly studied the ingredients of every single item on their menu making it impossible for you to conclude your meal without completing it with their sweet desserts.

The restaurant owners also make sure they regularly refresh the menu by adding inventive and delicious new items, which keeps their customers hooked and wanting more.

A few days ago, the BelleBeirut team had an “avant-goût” of some of Leila’s new desserts, and it is safe to say people will be in for a treat when the new desserts will officially be included in the menu.

The cookie jar ♦♦♦♦

Leila’s Chocolate Cookie Jar.
While the restaurant is best known for its authentic Lebanese desserts with a modern twist, such as the (must taste) Osmalliet Leila, the Maamoul bel Jebneh and the (must taste as well) assortment of Kashtalieh, Meghli and Riz b Halib, Leila surprised us this time with “modern” desserts…with a Lebanese twist!

The first new item catches your eyes as soon as it is placed on the table. A lovely traditional jar filled with delicious chocolate cookies and vanilla ice cream.

Needless to say it disappeared within minutes.

This dessert is a perfect refreshment right after a delicious meal from Leila. The chocolate cookies are perfectly crunchy, and carefully placed so that you get a hint of vanilla ice cream when you pick one up.

The jar is a nod to the old days in Lebanon when these small containers were used for olives and jam (mind you they still are today, just not as frequently as before).

The Lemonade Sorbet ♦♦♦♦♦

The second item we got a glimpse of, is the Lemonade Sorbet. If you’re a fan of Leila’s lemonades, then you will certainly enjoy this refreshing dessert right after your treat of Lebanese mezze.

Leila's Lemonade Sorbet
Leila’s Lemonade Sorbet

The sorbet is perfect, with just the right amount of sugar (Diet approved ladies) and is your best choice for a light dessert.

The Leila Sundae ♦♦♦♦♦

Next up, the Leila Sundae. With three scoops of Halawa (Halva) ice cream drizzled with Debes el-Kharoub (Carob Molasses) and topped with (more) crumbled Halawa this delicious dessert will definitely make you crave more Halawa.

The Leila Sundae.
The Leila Sundae.

Halawa is not my favorite sweet in the world, in fact I can’t really stand it. The funny thing is that I tasted this dessert without even knowing the ingredients. And I was pretty surprised when I found out the ice cream scoops were made of Halawa.

The chef did a fine job in sweetening the Leila Sundae with rose loukoum bits and topping it off with white cotton candy and ground pistachios. It is definitely a treat and a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth.

Definitely recommended even if you do not like Halawa! (You will be surprised).

Tofi Banofi ♦♦♦♦♦

Tofi Banofi, the dessert with a funny name, became a favorite as soon as the first bite landed in my mouth.

The mouthwatering Tofi Banofi!
The mouthwatering Tofi Banofi!

I guarantee this sweet pie will disappear from your plate within seconds of having it served. The caramel, the cream, the crunchy yet soft and sweet pie is unequaled. This is definitely the mother of all Leila desserts for me. It is the perfect conclusion to a delicious Leila meal!
Only one problem though, it is available exclusively at Kahwet Leila!

So, next time you are enjoying a meal at Leila, ask for their new desserts which are not yet on the menu… (Tell them you heard about it from us!) and enjoy your meal!

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