Maya Aghniadis, an aspiring young Lebanese singer


BelleBeirut’s guest writer Edwin Harb Kadri talks about Maya Aghniadis, an up and coming and very talented Lebanese singer, who just released a new album.

What makes a great artist? It might be the work they produce in their respective fields. It might also be the blood, sweat, and tears that they pour into their art.
It might as well be them, their soul, their touch.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have seen the future. I have seen and felt the touch of an artist that combines all of the above listed requirements. And that artitst’s name is Maya Aghniadis.

Our local music scene is rising, we are witnessing the rebirth of Lebanese talent, talent that was overshadowed by the flow of shabby rooftop/pizzaz/ “what in god’s name is this sound that is piercing my ears and making me beg for a quick death” music. And in my humble , but very certain opinion, Maya Aghniadis is soon to become a household name, spreading her musical vibes throughout the country.

I am not going to give you the typical “ Maya was born on a certain day in a certain place” biography, because that’s not what this girl is about. This girl is about raw, unfiltered talent and emotions. What you get is what you see. The past doesn’t matter, the future is yet to come, Now is what it’s all about.

Trust me, seeing her on stage will make you a believer. She’s there with every iota of her body and soul, singing and playing guitar like their was no tomorrow, with a big pearly smile on her face, spreading the joy like I think she’d say.

This 21 year old hipster already has an album out there entitled “Endless Trail”, released in summer. To give you an idea of Maya before talking about the album, I’ll tell you about it’s release concert. She set it up, along with her devoted crew, on a sandy beach by night. Placing an overwhelming amount of candles in white paper bags, and spreading them across the whole beach. Very basic but comfortable chairs were there, although most of the attendees (including myself) preferred to lay their buttocks on the ground, eager to see what will come out of the speakers surrounding the beach. And boy did we get our money’s worth.

She greeted us in a timidly fashion, thanking us for being here, and off she went for an hour and a half of pure musical delight. I’d describe her musical style as Supertramp meets the Beatles’ white album meets Maya Aghniadis. Originally a drummer she gave up her sticks for the production of the album trading them for a guitar and a microphone, (I will add that she plays every instrument known to man going from the mandolin to the piano, throwing in a sitar every now and then).

Taking over on drums Is Andrea Samaha, a guy who before being my friend is a very gifted musician and singer as well. On backing vocals is Tatiana Saade, a beautiful young woman that has a truly vibrant voice, as she recently shown us with her rendition of Janis Joplin’s me and Bobby Mcgee, not an easy task. And finally on Vocals and Piano is a truly remarkable young man by the name of Carl Ferneine, who is one of the most original musicians out there, I urge you to hear his solo material, you won’t be disappointed.

The concert was heavenly, songs ranging from Rock and Roll strums to Lebanese ballads accompanied us till the end, where the attendees gave her a standing ovation, howling for more.

Since then her album was named album of the month by a very respectable Lebanese magazine, she’s been accumulating concerts/gatherings where she plays with the same enthusiasm every time, and those who attended her last concert had the pleasure of hearing a glimpse of the new album.

I will conclude this piece by saying that I am truly proud of having an artist like Maya out there, and that her love of life, music and people is contagious.

She’s boarding a Plane to India pretty soon where she’ll probably find the inspiration to write more songs, and Maya, keep them coming.

Click here to check out Maya Aghniadis’ facebook page.