Meet Fadia Chaker, the interior designer who brings rooms to life


Interior Design is an art, it requires talent, vision and inspiration. Qualities that Fadia Chaker possesses since her childhood. The creative Lebanese interior designer talks to BelleBeirut in an exclusive interview about her career, work and projects.

Fadia Chaker Designs
Fadia Chaker Designs

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep”, in these words Scott Adams describes design, words that Fadia Chaker certainly believes in judging from her work ethics: “I like to combine style with luxurious detailing but always with an emphasis on comfort. It is important to choose pieces that are timeless and I love to keep traditional design fresh with a modern twist”, says the professional Interior Designer, who holds a degree in “Interior Design for hotels”, from the Domus Academy University in Milan.

Mrs. Chaker is “always looking for balance” in her work, a must have quality in interior design, a field that she loves. “I love it when rooms come alive with a personality, and I like things to be real and honest and reflect the people who live there”.

The main entrance of a hotel, designed by Fadia Chaker.
The main entrance of a hotel, designed by Fadia Chaker.

Fadia Chaker is a naturally born designer, her talent appeared at a very young age. “When I was a little girl, I loved playing with fabrics and textiles. I used to imagine ways to make an empty room come alive”.

The talented young lady found out soon enough that interior design was her destiny. “I realized this was my passion and that it has always been within me. I’m lucky to have been able to realize my dream and develop this passion of mine”, says Mrs. Chaker who worked in several architectural offices before founding her own studio back in 2009.

Today, Fadia Chaker has many clients who admire her because of the way she works. “Each one of our projects is individually tailored to the client’s requests, which makes each design entirely unique and different from the next”, she says.
“We have great relationships with each of our clients, for me it is important to listen and translate their needs into the final design”.

With more than 10 years of experience in designing high-end residential and commercial spaces, one cannot help but ask where does Mrs. Chaker get her inspiration from.
“I find inspiration in people, art and history, nature and colors, new shops and restaurant design,” she says adding that “observation is an amazing gift you can have because you are open to seeing things in different way”.

Villa mondo, designed by Fadia Chaker
Villa mondo, designed by Fadia Chaker

As a modern interior designer, Mrs. Chaker designed her own website to satisfy the needs of her clients. “Clients interested in working with me will not expect to see items for sale but ideas, concepts and executed projects”, she says with regards to the importance of her website.

Through this interactive and amazing website, clients will know more about the services offered by Mrs Fadia Chaker, they will get to discover her portfolio and stay up to date on her latest activities and projects.

Same goes for her involvement in social media, which she thinks “is very essential nowadays” because it helps people discover new business trends and is very effective when it comes to connecting equally talented designers and experts in the same industry.
“Contributing and commenting on Facebook, twitter, Linked-in and other networks will built credibility for people interested in my design field and if I am participating enough and that of course will take time, effort and good resources, I am building a reputation as an expert in my field”, she says.

Kids area, designed by Fadia Chaker
Kids area, designed by Fadia Chaker

As for her future projects, the talented interior designer has revealed to BelleBeirut that she is working on new high end residential projects “that she is very excited about”. “I also have a new branding design section that I started recently with professional graphic and web developers and we are working on new projects as well”.

Fadia Chaker is also a partner with telecom engineering and security systems firm “Inbox Design and Communication” which helps her clients get “all the new technology that can be embedded in their projects”.

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Check out Fadia Chaker’s website here, or click here to join her Facebook page. You may also follow her on twitter, LinkedIn and Houzz.

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