Interview with fashion blogger Tracy Ghazal, the face behind Fashion to Tracy


BelleBeirut talks blogging about Fashion in Lebanon with Tracy Ghazal, the face behind “Fashion To Tracy” (FTT).

Tracy Ghazal started blogging at a young age, and was able to craft a unique identity and classical style through her blog which caught the attention of many renowned brands and media and helped her earn a spot at the top of the Lebanese blogosphere.

The 20 year old sat down with us to discuss her blog, writing, fashion, and life in Lebanon as a blogger.

1-Who is Tracy Ghazal, the face behind Fashion to Tracy FTT?

Tracy is someone who is passionate about style and fashion from a very early age. She decided to start off a Beirut based fashion blog to share her personal style and even much more than that!

2- How did you start blogging and who supported your initiative?

I started blogging in January 2012. I didn’t have any blogging or social media experience, I just love to write and take pictures so I went with the flow. At first a few of my friends supported me but with the evolution of the blog, everyone from my family and friends became proud of what I’m doing with the blog.

3- Who’s or what’s the inspiration behind your blog posts?

My inspiration behind my blog posts is some of favorite fashion bloggers like Karla Deras, street style and SJK aka Carrie Bradshaw, mainly her way of writing.

4- What sets FTT apart from other fashion or lifestyle blogs?

I am very original in what I share; I don’t like to do commercials nor to share something just because it dropped in my inbox to do so! I share what I love.

5- Would you label your style as funky? Edgy? Classic? Timeless? Or eclectic?

I would say classic and timeless. I rarely follow trends, it just depends on my mood and what I feel like wearing. Sometimes you see me very lazy and casual, other times I like to make a statement and dress to impress!

6- Who’s the lady in the back of your mind when you style yourself?

The classic lady, I always think about Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel. Try to express the way they think about fashion in what I’m wearing.

7- Are you blogging solely for fun? Or is a fashion career down the line for you?

When you set for yourself a goal and work on it, anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and in what you do. I have collaborated with a few brands earlier this year and I will continue collaborating. My blog is not about seeking for a career in fashion or for the fun of blogging. My blog is about meeting new people, having a style image of my own in Beirut and reaching out for new fashionable experiences like interviewing or meeting a designer that I have never imagined that I could meet someday.

8- How do you relate to the Lebanese blogosphere? What about the international bloggers?

If I want to place my blog in the Lebanese blogosphere, it is very true to say that each blog has its own identity. So many ideas and point of views are shared every day. As for the Lebanese fashion blogs, if you don’t like my style you won’t follow my blog and personal style blogs are rare in Lebanon! I honestly think that it will take us a long way to be among a lot of international bloggers, they have more readers, followers but I always remember that I have to stick to making a fashionable image of the Middle East.

9- FTT is turning two soon; where do you see it five years down the line?

It is hard to see what FTT will be like five years from now. Every season there’s something to share on the blog and I’m looking forward to everything new and unexpected as always!

10- What is the one fashion faux pas you just cannot handle?

Wearing fake designer bags. If you can’t afford it, don’t wear it fake! You can still be stylish with any bag you wear and it doesn’t have to be designer.

11- Is there any advice you would love to give to young ladies when it comes to styling themselves or picking inspiration?

Always look for pieces that make you feel comfortable. Love what you wear and always challenge yourself by styling it differently.

12- We also heard it’s your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What would be your 20th birthday fashion wish?

Thank you Patricia! My 20th birthday fashion wish would be attending Milan and Paris fashion week. I hope I’ll have the time soon without thinking about my studies haha!

Quick questions:
1-Biggest inspiration: Harper’s Bazaar trend reports.
2-Favorite Lebanese designer: Elie Saab
3-Favorite international designer: Christian Dior
4-Favorite shoe brand: Manolo Blahnik
5-Favorite color: Yellow
6-Favorite pattern: Floral
7-Favorite makeup brand: Dolce & Gabbana
8-An international celebrity you’d love to dress: Rihanna
9-Favorite food: Italian food
10-Favorite song: Frank Sinatra – The way you look tonight
11-Favorite TV show: SATC
12-Favorite fashion trend: Pencil skirts all the way
13-Fashion pet peeve: Leggings with shorts
14-Lebanese cliche you hate: Too much botox and fillers
15-Favorite fashion personality: Miroslava Duma
16-Biggest fashion dream: Meeting Karl Lagerfeld
17-An item you’re never without: Lipstick
18- Favorite city: Beirut
19- A charm you carry: My eyes and smile!

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