Interview with Lancaster VP Doctor Olivier Doucet


Lancaster’s Vice President, Doctor Olivier Doucet talks about the 365 Cellular Elixir.

When you launched the first version of 365 Cellular Elixir in 2003, almost ten years ago, what was the reaction?

Dr. Olivier Doucet: At the time, talking about DNA was something that broke with the rest of the market. Both proteomics and genomics are the true keystones of cellular expertise, but the subjects were not known to the public. With 365 Cellular Elixir Intense, our approach was quite radical. People found it difficult to believe us. But now, there is no longer any doubt that DNA is at the heart of research into anti-aging skincare.

It was also a very new thing to talk about a long-term routine and maintaining the skin’s youth, rather than focusing on fighting wrinkles.

Dr. Olivier Doucet: Absolutely. Everyone seemed to be coming out with a product that offered better results than the others. We wanted to offer a complete, alternative solution. A product designed for men and women alike, regardless of their origin or age, and that they could use all year round. An universal solution to slow down the appearance of the signs of time and maintain the skin’s youthful appearance in the long term.

You also recommend this product as an after-sun lotion. Why?

Dr. Olivier Doucet: First of all, it is important to remember that the Lancaster Laboratories are experts in sun protection. At first, when they created this formula, they were looking for a way to repair DNA damage caused by the sun – and particularly UVA radiation. We drew inspiration from research into the disorder that affects the “children of the night.” Then we discovered that the formula was effective on various forms of damage. It could not be limited to being just an after-sun lotion, given that its properties were so vast.

But 365 Cellular Elixir Intense is also a product to use during the day?

Dr. Olivier Doucet: Yes, because unlike other products available on the market, its formula is enriched, for visible results immediately after applying the serum. As an expert in skin radiance, the optical dimension is very important for Lancaster, as it allows us to offer the immediate effect of a complexion enhancer. What’s more, 365 Cellular Elixir also has long-lasting moisturizing powers. And so it is a product that keeps being adapted for different purposes. There are many men who use it as an after-shave lotion.

These days, the use of a serum has become more general. What does this very specific texture really add to the effectiveness of a skincare product?

Dr. Olivier Doucet: I always say that the effectiveness of a skincare product is 50% based on galenics – the way it has been formulated. In this case, the galenics are very important because the enzymes are carried by certain types of liposomes. We keep improving the serum as we make discoveries, so that we can meet all the needs and expectations of our consumers.

Would you say that this product is the ultimate anti-aging product?

Dr. Olivier Doucet: Yes, because we repair the skin in a comprehensive manner. We have a product that is aimed at everyone, with a solution for all skin-aging concerns. Whether your skin has been exposed to pollution or sunshine, you can have better control over its youthfulness. We have succeeded in protecting and preserving its genetic makeup – which is still a revolutionary approach, ten years after its creation. It can be used all year long, 365 days a year – and this is what gave it its name!

What is happening in the world of DNA research today?

Dr. Olivier Doucet: Research is evolving as knowledge of DNA also evolves, and the constant improvement in technologies that evaluate DNA damage can lead us to imagine that our serum will become increasingly sophisticated. Today’s research is focused on mitochondrial DNA and telomeres, but a major DNA discovery might be made tomorrow, which could lead us to explore other paths.

Doctor Olivier Doucet is Lancaster’s Vice president and a renowned EUROTOX Toxicologist Expert. He has more than 80 international publications and oral communication and he is a member of the French Toxicology Society as well as the International Federation Society of Cosmetic Chemists.