Jaz & Ginger by Mirna Hamade Chaar : Eclectic designs for different tastes


Not so long ago, we got introduced to Mirna Hamade Chaar, a Lebanese fashion designer with her own concept boutique “Jaz & Ginger“.

While a myriad of other concept boutiques importing their items from Europe and Asia; Mirna makes sure every single piece in hers is designed accurately and handmade. Talk about some quality in the buy-once wear-once never-wash era of funky clothing.

Without carrying introductions for long, here’s BelleBeirut’s interview with the designer behind the brand and a small sample of her concept designs.

1- Such a funky name “Jaz & Ginger” what does it stand for and how did you come up with it?

Mirna: Jaz stands for baby “Jaz” or “Jasmine” my daughter and Ginger is for a new line “Lady Ginger” that we will launch soon.

2- How did you start fashion designing and who supported your initiative?

My passion for fashion design was a hidden passion that wasn’t revealed until I actually decided to enter the field supported by family and friends, I didn’t wait much before translating words into actions.

3- Who’s or what’s the inspiration behind your designs?

From International fashion lines and trends, I draw my own line using an international mix of trending color palettes and patterns.

4- What sets Jaz & Ginger apart from other concept lines or boutiques?

We offer our clients customized items reflecting them beautifully inside out. We work with our customers most of the time; our line is interactive and twists current trend to the liking of every individual.

5- Would you label your brand as funky? Edgy? Or more as an eclectic brand?

Our brand is a mix of all, we satisfy different tastes, so I’d say eclectic is the answer.

6- Who’s the lady in the back of your mind when you think of who would wear your different designs?

Simply an extra ordinary woman, one who doesn’t want to wear what everyone else is wearing.

7- We heard some rumors that you’re the only designer showcasing in the Virgin DT opening? Can you confirm these rumors? And what should we be expecting ?

Actually it’s a fact, expect a real twist in the world of haute couture. It’s our first show and we’re expecting to create a real impact.

8- We also know that you design multiple lines going from simple, to funky to evening wear. How do you remain focused juggling different styles?

I might be shifting to haute couture soon in addition to pret-a-porter, keeping the edgy yet electric flavor of the original line.

9- Jaz & Ginger is one year old; where do you envision it a few years down the line?

My dream is to see my designs on the Red Carpet. I’m working on a target that in few years our designs will be modeled on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week.

10- Is there any advice you would love to give to Lebanese ladies when it comes to fashion and styling?

Choose what reflects your personal style and don’t be another fashion victim of a social trend.
Having seen for ourselves; Jaz & Ginger is indeed different. Not only a concept line, but also one that’s very eclectic, caters to different tastes and occasions but most importantly very forward while maintaining a truly high quality.

Jaz & Ginger designs
Jaz & Ginger designs

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