Let The Christmas Spirit Live Again


Christmas is one of these occasions that tend to get less and less meaningful to us as years goes by, and the tempo of the modern life gets us busier by the day. But we all long to the times where it used to sweep us in true joy.

Let the Christmas Spirit live again this year with some ideas to rekindle the Christmas Spirit:

1- Participate with your family in decorating the house, divide task and make it fun, with music and play.
2- Decorate ALL the house to be reminded of the Christmas Spirit at every corner.
3- Plan Christmas activities with friends and family.
4- Host family and friends for lunches/dinners, especially those you do not get to see often.
5- Contribute to a charity of your choice, make it a collective effort with friends and family.
6- Volunteer in your local shelter or any other charity for one afternoon.
7- Attend a concert of Christmas carols with your loved ones.
8- Buy gifts for everyone you love, including your annoying neighbors (doesn’t have to be expensive, rather thoughtful).
9- Make the kind of food you wouldn’t make on regular social occasions.
10- Remember that Christmas is all about what you can give, share or do to other people; not about the food, fun and gifts. So don’t forget to give as much as you can, and count your blessings throughout.

Have a great Christmas!

Patricia I. Issa
Belle Beirut Team