In Lebanon, it doesn’t really matter if you have your Ice Cream in summer, winter or in between! That’s why we compiled a timeless list of our favorite Ice Cream Parlors!

5- Hanna Mitri – Ashrafieh

Hanna Mitri is somewhat of a legend in Beirut – with his unique flavors and authentic ice cream being served since before Lebanon’s civil war – this ice cream parlor became in recent years the number 1 destination for ice crema lovers during Beirut’s scorching summers. The catch? The small place is always packed, there’s always a bit of waiting time (but it’s totally worth it) and not all flavors are always available. So visit early!

Must try: ALL FLAVORS!


4- Salem – Kousba

“One should not visit North Lebanon without passing by Salem Ice Cream” this line has become something of a tagline in the North – you really shouldn’t miss this ice cream parlor if you are anywhere near Kousba. Besides the traditional flavors, Salem has a signature add-on – he dips your ice cream in chocolate!

Must try: Strawberry + Rosewater + Chocolate dipped in chocolate!


3- Al Azrak – Baabdate

Al-Azrak needs no introduction, especially among the older generations. It has always been Mount Lebanon’s number 1 ice cream parlor and pastry shop. The care and professionalism through which the place’s ice cream and sweets are prepared is unmatched. The (lovely) owners have created some unique flavors that you wouldn’t find anywhere in the country.

Must try: Rhum Raisin!


2- Ice Rocket – Jbeil

Ice Rocket is a newcomer compared to the rest of the parlors in the list, but they have taken the country’s food festivals and concerts by storm and will soon be opening two parlors in the country! (yes they’re that good). They offer merry cream and sorbets with a twist with out-of-this-world flavors and never-before-seen toppings!

Must try: Chocolate + Bailey’s


1- Oslo – Mar Mikhael

When it comes down to the actual taste of the ice cream, Oslo has no match in the country, and we dare even say in the region! This small parlor is located in Mar Mikhael and offers truly exceptional and tasty ice cream which would really get your tastebuds going. If you are in Beirut in summer or winter and are looking for a tasty desserts, you should not miss this place!

Must try: Rose Loukoum + Lemon + Chocolate!


Disclaimer: These are the ice cream parlors that we liked the most this summer. It doesn’t mean there aren’t other great ice cream parlors out there. If you know a great ice cream parlor and think we should try it out, please contact us. It may take a lifetime to test all of Lebanon’s ice creams and we are willing to do that!